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remembering our roots

We humans are awesome and magnificent beings. We have great stores of love and compassion, creativity and intellect, that we use to make the world a better place. We draw on these gifts when we take care of our families and other people in our communities and when we care for Earth in which we are rooted.


We are also complicated beings. Mixed in with all of the good impulses are  potentials for selfishness, poor judgment, and destructiveness. When we act on these impulses, we can do great harm

to other people and to Earth, our common home. Right now the harm shows up as poverty, hunger, poor health, and violence and war –

and also environmental degradation, which makes all of these conditions much worse.

How do we tip the scales toward greater kindness, generosity, healing, and cooperation? As individuals and as communities and nations?


And equally important for our purposes here, how do we channel this goodness toward restoration and healing of Earth, conserving its resources for future generations?

I believe this is one of our greatest challenges. It will require large scale systemic change as well as individual shifts in attitudes and behaviors. We must face it with courage and humility, openness and honesty.


Will you join me?

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